Revolutionary automation software that simplifies operations and regulatory compliance for oil & gas operators.

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New regulation is exponentially increasing the number of required LDAR inspections. Automation is essential to manage this new complexity.

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What We Offer

LDAR Management

Data Collection

Improve accuracy, increase efficiency and streamline data collection across multiple vendors

  • Offline-enabled data entry
  • Intuitive iOS and Android-compatible mobile apps
  • Guided audio/visual/olfactory (AVO) and optical gas imaging (OGI) workflows
  • Leak photo capture

Automated Task Management 

Improve accuracy, increase efficiency and streamline data collection across multiple vendors

  • Regulation based scheduling 
  • Real-time critical alerts 
  • Individual task assignment 

Operational Insights

Customized insights to measure the effectiveness of your LDAR program

  • Component level metrics 
  • Repair-time tracking 
  • Facility based trends 

One-click Reporting

Regulatory and bespoke report templates to save time, reduce costs and improve accuracy

  • Federal and State reports
  • Emissions and Methane-tax liability reports 

Super-emitter Program

The EPA’s Super-Emitter program creates huge potential liabilities for operators. Porosity’s Super-emitter solution will minimize your risk, save your team time and make sure you stay ahead.

  • Real-time super-emitter notifications 
  • Automated aggregation of fugitive emissions surveys 
  • Super-emitter dashboard to always be informed
How We help

Creating Meaningful Impact


Time savings in managing program compliance


Decrease in error rate


Time savings in field data capture


Time savings in record retrieval

Working in Colorado has been extremely challenging to manage all of the EHS requirements and we have found that Porosity has worked extremely well for all our field operations. It is extremely easy to use, both in the field and the office. It has worked great for tracking AVO’s, LDAR, blow downs, and equipment repairs. I would recommend Porosity to anyone trying to find a simple software for managing their EHS compliance.

VP Operations

DJ Basin

Integration of Porosity’s application into our existing business processes has been seamless.  Utilization of their AVO/OGI inspection applications has given management confidence and visibility regarding compliance task performance while increasing efficiency for the personnel performing these inspections.

HSE + Compliance Manager


Porosity had GREAT reviews from both management and the field ops users during our latest monthly safety meeting. A specific comment was made from a experienced operator, that has used many other systems, how quick, easy, and user friendly porosity was to use! Huge shoutout to you folks, Thanks!


DJ Basin

Reclaim your time.
Avoid fines.